Meet the Lil' Thrashers

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Welcome to Grimstone

Lil' Thrashers is a collection of young monsters, misfits, and mutants who live to thrash and thrash to live. Their regular haunt is the catacombs, an underground rock club deep under the center of their hometown, Grimstone. They find strength in the thriving community of like-minded headbangers as they do their best to better themselves and make Grimstone a superior place to thrash.

The Catacombs


A Night At The Catacombs Vol 1. is a series of 24 1-of-1 NFTs celebrating the Teenie Meanies and other lil’ thrashers who make the Grimstone scene so special. Minting now. Don't miss the show!

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Lizzie Wilding, Heavy Metal Werewolf

Welcome to Lizzie's World! Get to know Grimstone's favorite lead singer and her band, ELDER SAGE!

Lil’ Thrashers Universe

In a cruel world full of rules, restrictions, and homework, these young monsters have found refuge at the Catacombs: the underground dive that fuels the heavy metal scene of Grimstone. The club is a refuge for Lil’ Thrashers seeking a positive way to cope with all the frustrations of the outside world. Dealing with problems at school, bullies in your neighborhood, or your parents just not getting it? We’ve got the answer: Rage Therapy - get with it!

The Lil’ Thrashers may seek the help of their families and the Elder Sages (the wise and mysterious clerics of their monster tribes), but it’s the community they’ve built at The Catacombs where they find the support needed to strengthen themselves. There may be some scene drama once in a while but, at the end of the day, the Lil Thrashers always look out for each other - demons and all.

There is a monster deep within all of us. Every once in a while that monster has to come out to rage through the cleansing tones of Drop D!

Meet the Road Crew

Lazers Lab
Jesse Korman
Rich Nardo
Blake Armstrong